5 Tips For Your New Home

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Also known as a lease-to-own or contract for deed, a rent-to-own home allows you to start paying towards the home purchase while you rent. When the lease ends you will have saved up credit that reduces the purchase price. What an exciting feeling to finally own your own home! However, once you move into a rent-to-own home, what should you be mindful of? Here we have put together five tips for your new home to help ensure your successful transition to becoming a homeowner.

Tip #1 Don’t neglect repairs

It’s easy to make the mistake of assuming a lease-to-own or contract for deed is like a standard rental contract, where the landlord is responsible for repairs to the property. However, rent-to-own arrangements will most likely include caveats that the tenant maintains the property and makes repairs as needed. 

This is understandable, given it will one day be your property and you can make sure repairs are completed to your approval. However, where some lease-option tenants go wrong, is that they fail to accommodate for these repairs in their monthly household budget, due to having a landlord responsible in past rentals. 

It is important to establish a small ‘emergency fund’ to ensure you are not scrambling to pay for a burst hot water tank or furnace breakdown.

Tip #2 Don’t forget to save in addition to rental payments

In a contract for deed or lease-to-own, a portion of your monthly rent will go towards the purchase price of the home as credit. It can be easy to ‘set and forget’ this. However, it is important to save towards purchasing the home outside of the rental contract.

Rent-to-own arrangements do not omit the down payment on the house, they are a ‘bridging loan.’ They help you live in your chosen house until a mortgage with a lender is secured. You will still need to produce a down payment when the lease period is over.

Tip # 3 Don’t fall behind on lease payments for your new home

It’s important to be mindful a late payment could mean you are voiding your rent-to-own contract. In a standard rental contract, a one-time late payment may only be met with a late fee.

In rent-to-own agreements, despite the likely situation that the landlord is forgiving and waives the fee, it may still result in a void in contract and you could lose the right to purchase.

The best way to guarantee your rent is paid is to set up a schedule of automatic payments.

Tip #4 Don’t treat a new rent-to-own like a standard rental

This is the best part of a rent-to-own home- it’s yours! Knowing that you will be purchasing the house can be an incredible feeling.

It also means that you are free to decorate it, remodel, or upgrade it as you see fit. No longer do you need to worry about nailing a picture hook to the wall and losing your deposit.

Lease or rent-to-own agreements are an accessible gateway to homeownership, empowering people to create their own legacy. It is important to enjoy your home from the day you move in and make it your own.

Tip #5 Don’t spend too much money on furnishings for your new home

Many individuals think that a new home means it needs new furniture, artwork, and more. This is not going to set you up for success long-term. 

More Tips for Your New Home

You likely used what funds you had to get yourself into the home. It may seem tempting to use a credit card or savings on new furniture, or new appliances. No matter the justification you use for yourself it will never help you in the long run. 

Bring what furniture you have and if you have EXTRA discretionary funds beyond 6-month savings and emergency funds you can spend a little bit here or there to make upgrades. 

Enjoy learning tips for your new home? Visit our FAQ page for more.

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