Home Equity Partner founders Adam Zach and Jon Enright

Our Story

Adam Zach and Jon Enright are the creators of Home Equity Partner and provide a variety of custom housing options to future home owners through a unique renting option. Here at Home Equity Partner we have developed a new tool that allows you to pick any home listed “for sale” and live in it.  We specialize in Rent-to-Own, Lease Purchase Options, and Contract for Deeds and seek to help individuals and families gain home ownership to live the American Dream.

Home Equity Partner has recently been awarded the 2019 Greater Grand Forks Chambers Shark Tank winner, the 2019 Innovate ND Phase I and Phase II Program, and 2020 DisruptWell winner with their innovation, scale, and solutions.

We also work with real estate agent or bankers who have someone that does not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Home Equity Partner also works with investors interested in supporting home ownership while making a modest return on their investment.  

Our Values & Beliefs


We transform renters into homeowners across the Midwest, bridging the gap for people who are 1-3 years away from mortgage eligibility using a lease with an option to buy contract. We achieve this by connecting them with real estate investors seeking double-digit returns backed by real estate


A world where investors purchase homes directly for those who can’t secure a traditional mortgage. Our tech-based platform links renters seeking control and equity with worldwide real estate investors pursuing passive income. By ensuring legal compliance, fairness, and transparency to all parties involved, we are making the seemingly impossible, now possible for millions of Americans.

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