You pick the home. We buy it. You live in it as a rent-to-own.

Are you frustrated with trying to get a home?

Tired of throwing money away on rent?

Are you being rejected because of credit score or self-employed status?

Are you looking to move now – not in two years?

we are Home Equity Partner – Your guide to home ownership

At Home Equity Partner, we understand your frustration with bank requirements.

The average homeowner equity after 1 year in our program = $19,228.64

We have been helping people across the US navigate around the banks into home ownership with our award winning lease-to-own program. 

How It Works

Complete an Online Application

Obtain Shopping Budget

Pick Your Perfect Home

Home Equity Partner Buys the Home

You Move-In

You Control the Home, Not Us

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Helping Families Find their Home

Our [Home Equity Partner] experience was likely one of a kind considering our down to the last minute payment and signing due to the closure on a previous home being postponed. [Home Equity Partner] was patient and understanding. I still cannot believe that we are in the home we are in and the amazing opportunity they gave us. If it wasn’t for these company/idea we would be living in a tiny trailer with three kids and 6 dogs. Instead we are on a property with almost 2 acres and a beautiful house we made our own. We can not thank them enough for this amazing opportunity! We still think it’s a dream everyday!

– The Greene Family

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