Agents and Bankers

A Common Vision: Helping Americans Become Homeowners

Agents and bankers often run into customers who are denied a home mortgage for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to work with you and these individuals to help them move into a home of their dreams through our rent-to-own program. As a real estate agent or loan lender you can refer customers to Home Equity Partner and still earn your commission/business.

Real Estate Agents

  • What do you do with your leads that cannot obtain traditional financing? (1 or 2 years away due to lower credit or not having 2 years of tax returns).
  • Send us your leads and we will buy the home for them as a rent-to-own using YOU as the agent.
  • You make your standard 6%/3% commission
  • How Does it Work? (listen in)
  • Agent Testimonial Video
  • We have generated over $6,000,000 in sales which resulted in over $400,000 in commission to realtors.

Home Mortgage Bankers

  • Is someone on the verge of a mortgage but just not quite there? 
  • What if every residential mortgage loan you denied, came back to you for approval within 1-5 years?
  •  We would like to work with you to ensure your residential mortgage loan denials eventually come back to you and are not lost to other banks.

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