Sorry. Based on your answers our signature program is likely not a good fit.

Scroll down to finds ways boost your approval odds, or, try out our new "Name Your Price" tool for Rent-to-Buy Homes
Name Your Price Tool (beta)

To boost approval odds

Add a co-signor for additional income

Borrow down payment (friends, family, 401K, loan)

Pick a lower priced home.

Get a home under contract at 80% of value

We are for:

Do you make over $72,000 per year?

Have 10-20% down payment?

Want to pick any home, anywhere?

Want a home now?

Want private financing that doesn't follow the bank rules?

We are NOT for:

Fix and Flips

Less than 10% down payments

People who can get a bank loan

Land or Mobile Homes

How Much Will It Cost? Payment Estimator.