You pick any home, anywhere.

We buy it.

You move in with a lease and an option to buy

Secure traditional financing on your timeline.

home shoppers love using home equity partner


“I was in a unique place when I was needing to purchase a home. I built my house 2 years ago and had an 810 credit score. Several crazy life events got me into a bad place. I took a new job and was needing to move cross country. I couldn’t secure traditional financing. Home Equity Partner helped me from day one. Joe called and explained the process to me. My family and I moved into our new house last week. I could not be happier. I would recommend them 10/10. If you have unique financing needs please reach out to them. You won’t he disappointed.”

Daniel Malloy



“Because of my broad professional expertise, I’m not an easy client to please. However, HEP’s staff and representatives had the pleasing poise and professionalism to meet my goals and expectations. I highly recommend them!”




“Very happy with the results from Home Equity Partners. We have never had the luck of good credit or good income or proper tax returns all at the same time, but these guys have made our dream home a reality as we know we are only a year away of being ready to officially buy. Rather than wait to enjoy the home of our dreams, home equity made it possible now.”

Roger Trevino



“Staff is friendly, process was relatively smooth. Perfect for families looking for a home but are struggling with traditional home loan lenders. Great for starting the process of owning your own home.”

David Cooley



“Working with Home Equity Partners was such a great experience. As a Realtor, I look for amazing service and professionalism from my affiliates. They really delivered! Easy to work with and quick to respond. I’d recommend that anyone looking to buy with them, take advantage of the service they offer.”

Marc Bushee

North Dakota


“Highly recommend to anyone who has tried and failed to purchase a home the traditional way. Adam and Jon have really changed our family’s lives and made our dream of owning a home a reality. They made sure I understood the whole process from the beginning and were always there to answer any questions that I had along the way. This company is really amazing!!!!”

Barbara Johnson

North Dakota

frustrated with trying to get a home?

Do you make good income and have a down payment, but still can’t get a bank loan?

Are you being rejected because of DTI, credit score, or self-employed status?

Want it now? – not in two years?

we are Home Equity Partner – Your guide to home ownership for high-income earners.

At Home Equity Partner, we understand your frustration with bank requirements.

The average equity after 1 year in our program = $19,228.64

We have been helping people across the US navigate around the banks into home ownership with our award-winning private lease option (aka rent-to-own) program. 

We are for:

Do you make over $72,000 per year?

Have 10-20% down?

Want to pick any home, anywhere?

Want a home now?

Want private financing that doesn't follow the bank rules?

We are NOT for:

Fix and Flips

1-2% down payments

People who can get a bank loan

Land or Mobile Homes

How It Works

Complete an Online Application

Obtain Shopping Budget

Pick Your Perfect Home

Home Equity Partner Buys the Home

You Move-In

You Control the Home, Not Us

Get pre-qualified in under 2 minutes by answering 5 simple questions:

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Our Guarantee: 100% approval if you make at least $100,000 per year and have 10% down.

Stop throwing away money each month and start building wealth with Home Equity Partner!
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