Do I Need A Realtor?

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The general answer when it comes to needing a realtor is no, you don’t “Need” one. I might compare a realtor to a chef in that you don’t need them, but we do find them helpful and convenient. A realtor can help you with everything in finding, selecting, and buying a home. 

Realtors are essentially free until you buy a home. 

Through Home Equity Partner you can use a realtor to help you find a home and we can often do the rest. Since we work with investors we can purchase your dream home if the numbers work out. 

We recommend getting pre-approved at to see what you can purchase. This lets you know what you can buy before you pick a dream home. Location is very important as well and we don’t want that to mess this process up.

Your realtor can help with what you want and what’s a good location. Many different factors play into a good location and we want to make sure it works for you. 

“No is the killer of dreams. No is the killer of great ideas. It’s the end of a conversation.”

― Robert Reffkin, Compass CEO

Additionally, using a realtor as a small business owner can often make the buying process smoother in conjunction with Home Equity Partner. Learn More Here:

MLS vs. A Realtor

For whatever reason we do run into people who prefer picking their own home. We understand and let people find a home on the MLS that suits their needs. 

You might find a more obscure deal that seems off but might actually play in your favor. 

The “Multiple Listing Service”  can help the general public understand value and listings in the area. The issue is that it takes a keen sense of eyes to understand the MLS. 

Some MLS services also have very inaccurate evaluations and estimates. You will want more information than what these sites can provide. Don’t think these websites have every detail down.  

Advantages of Realtors

Realtors will view hundreds of homes and can give important insight into their view of the home. This can help you in seeing a home in the right light. Perspective is important!

Realtors provide important guides to the buying process and can help make things smoother. We have experienced this a few times and appreciate the help. Realtors and detailed workers in the real estate space. 

Realtors have often seen a property before and can give you a good insight into the property before viewing it. This will save you time and finding a home quickly can save you even more time and money. 

Realtors can also guide you in the purchase process with Home Equity Partner and loan officer. We want you to be prepared before getting into the home. We want a pathway set up for you to fulfill your dream of becoming a homeowner through a lease to own or option. 

Available Homes

On occasion, Home Equity Partner, will have homes available on the market to purchase through a lease-to-own option. In this case we recommend a home inspection to know what you are getting. 

You can also take many tours similar to renting an apartment. 

Either way, Home Equity Partner wants to know that you have the right home for your situation. You can get started here: 

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