The Pre-Approved Podcast

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Becoming a Homeowner When The Bank Says No. The Pre-Approved Podcast is dedicated to the 1 in 10 home owners denied each year by the banks. We will discuss Rent-to-Own, Lease Options, Contract for Deed, Qualifying Mortgages, Non-QM Loans, and Private Mortgages.

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Here at Home Equity Partner we believe in creating homeowners. If you have been denied a bank loan and want to know what options are available to you, then you have come to the right place.

About the Pre-Approved Podcast

We will explore all the options available to individuals when they think home ownership is impossible.  We will be breaking down the barriers to the confusing lingo and options by bringing in industry experts.  

We will cover conventional mortgages, qualified mortgages, non-qualified mortgages, private mortgages, rent to own, lease option, lease purchase, contract for deed, land contract, agreement for deed.

Our mission to is create homeowners by bringing you education and information. 

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