New Name, Same Company

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Set Your Rent was our business name for several years and its purpose was to tell you that you can get a home and “set your rent” based on the home you buy. It was pretty catchy and served its purpose well. That being said it was confusing to many people and only explained a small part of what we provide. 

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We have now changed our name to Home Equity Partner to more clearly describe what we do and the broader services that we provide. Both Adam and Jon are still here to help you on getting you into our new home! 

You pick the home. Home Equity Partner buys the home for you. You get to pick from any home listed for sale…..not just existing inventory. Just like you would if you were pre-qualified with a bank. We provide people the opportunity to move into that home without a traditional home loan. This can be done on a lease option of contract for deed. 

There are many reasons that people may not get a loan and that’s what we are here to do. This bridge-style loan can be changed to meet your current and future needs. 

We provide the opportunity to stop renting and get into a home of your own. 

This has been an amazing journey, helping people into a dream home. It will continue to be our mission and we look forward to helping more people each and every day. 

Home Equity Partner Mission: To help those who are unable to qualify for traditional bank financing achieve the American dream; home ownership.

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